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Armenian Energy Agency Foundation received Energy Globe National Award for the project funded by UNDP/GEF SGP


The project titled “PLUG.AM: Promotion of Electric Vehicles in Armenia” received one of the most significant environmental awards worldwide: Energy Globe National Award 2021. Funded by UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) the project, successfully implemented by the Armenian Energy Agency Foundation (AEA) geared towards contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions. 

The idea to install charging power stations for electric vehicles (EV) was initiated by AEA Foundation back in 2018 with the aim to boost import of electric vehicles in Armenia that will contribute to the reduction of the CO2 emissions and thus, implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Based on NGO’s research results, many local drivers were willing to import electric vehicles. However, the lack of infrastructure and import taxes were a hindering factor and additional burden, inasmuch as there were no charging stations in Armenia and importers had to pay both customs duties and value added tax (VAT). With the aim to create additional convenience for EV drivers or those willing to shift to EVs, AEA Foundation applied to SGP for funding. As a result, the Foundation succeeded in expanding the project geography by installing 25 instead of initially planned 23 charging stations in 10 marzes of Armenia. Thanks  to the existing  network of charging stations, the number of imported EVs increased from 30 at the project launch in 2018 to 1,500 as of 2021. This has also become possible due to Government decision on VAT and customs duty exemption for EVs, actively lobbied by the project and other state incentives/procedures promoting the increase of number of electric vehicles. As the public awareness raising constituted an important dimension, active social media marketing activities were conducted (Facebook and Instagram) with up to 1500 people reaching on average per month, as well as participation in different large events was ensured (Seaside Startup Summit 2019, World Congress on Information Technology 2019, etc.). As a technological solution, a mobile application for EVs was developed that enable navigating from the user’s location to the chosen charger, collecting statistics, reporting problems, etc.

With all its environmental immediate and long-term effects, the project has also social-economic impact, in the sense that the drivers can now save up to USD 1,000 per vehicle annually. Last but not least, the project received recognition globally for its environmentally friendly initiative and successful implementation.  


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